This toolkit has been developed in the framework of the project “ENTER Digital Era”, Key Action 2 of Erasmus+ Programme, Capacity Building in the Field of Youth, that was held from September 2017 to August 2019. The project provided NGOs, youth workers, volunteers, local communities, youth with knowledge and skills on how to use digital technologies as tool in order to increase knowledge and IT skills and to make NGOs’ work more organized, fast and effective. Experienced team of trainers delivered sessions on how to produce semiprofessional graphic products, how to use certain interactive tools for
web design and web editing, as well as how to use social media and other digital platforms as tools for advocacy, campaigning, networking and dissemination of project results.

Through this product, we want to share some digital tool and tips that you can already start using in your organization and within the communities you are working with.




The Toolkit

This toolkit, one of the final products of the project, comes from the coordinated work of the Consortium partners in the development of a document containing freeware and non-formal resources that can help non-governmental organizations to build and improve their digital strategy. The document contains numerous resources related to various areas of digital and ICT Management